What the Heck Have We Been Doing! 

Hiya Friends!

Over the summer we've been super busy and super lazy both at the same time. With some clusters of shows here and there, some band member injuries, and out of state vacations we admit our calendar has been a bit sporadic! Smudge broke his foot, I have been working through a terrible case of tennis elbow and our pedal steel player Marty had a broken finger involving surgery and quite a bit of recovery time. It's been a summer, lol. As Marty has recently decided to leave the band we are on the hunt for a new lead! We haven't decided on anyone just yet and are considering different instrumentation, a guitarist, keyboardist, violinist, we just aren't sure what direction we want to go. As these things usually present themselves when the fit is right, we will know when it happens and will let ya'll know as soon as it does! We are still playing some shows however, whether it be full band or just Smudge and I doing our duo.

This winter we will be moving out of Smudge's garage to Dennis's basement to make a new record! We will have the isolation there that we can't get in our rehersal space. We are super excited about this as over the last several months I've written a healthy handful of new tunes and can't wait to start working on them in the studio. This will be my first record since graduating from Los Angeles Recording School and I'm stoked to finally make a full length record actually knowing what I'm doing this time around.We have all the gear we need with our 24 channel Persons Studio Live console and have acquired plenty of mic's to get all the sounds I want without having to compromise. This is going to be a fun and adventurous project and will be fulfilling my latest dream of making a real full band record. If you need your Natural Habits fix before then, you can download our live album from NYE 2018 at The Moose Lodge Iowa City from this site for whatever price you want - which can be free - but if you'd like to help us keep the gas in our tank we'd love it if you could throw down something! 

Much love to ya!!

Nikki <3 

Oh yeah, I've uploaded an acoustic version of "Treasure" as a teaser for what we will be working on this winter!!

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  • Chris Witmer
    Chris Witmer Iowa City, Ia
    I like Treasure. Marty's leaving? Oh no.I wish I knew how to play something.

    I like Treasure. Marty's leaving? Oh no.I wish I knew how to play something.

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